Why we start with Rolling Mandarin

Hey, here is the channel of Rolling Mandarin. It is our pleasure to share our knowledge of Chinese with you here.

One of the questions that we often encounter is: Where and how can I continue my Chinese study?

Chinese-learning in foreign countries is actually very popular. Our base is in Vienna, which a small international city in Europe with approximately 2 million residence and we have here already 3 different Chinese schools for the 2nd generation of the local Chinese.

Besides that, you can find Confusius Institute, and Sinology department of the university and other language facilities which also offer Chinese courses here in Vienna.

Language learning Apps such aus Busuu or Duolinguo, make it possible for you to learn to speak simple Chinese sentences in a fast way.

The learning resource for Chinese seems to be abundant and you have easy access everywhere.

However, it is hard to judge, which one will be the suitable one for you. And it is really hard to keep learning the language just by yourself. If you have no idea how to improve your language skills, you feel helpless for your pronunciation, you often have the feeling that you are lost or confused for certain grammatical issues, or you are interested in understanding the philosophy of the Chinese people, or you are tired to summarize every single difference by telling “it is a cultural shock”, then, you should choose us to help you.

Language courses offered by the language centers or Apps are mainly Chinese for beginners or travellers, aiming to teach you the basic sentences for everyday use.

Well, here it comes to our purpose to open this channel. We want to offer a Chinese channel with the main focus for middle-level and high-level learners.  We also offer you the chance to improve your pronunciation and your knowledge about China, even if you are a beginner.

In our channel, we will show you the clear grammatical logic and structure of this language, doing literature readings together with you, telling stories, recommend good selected books, so you could understand the philosophy of this Asian nation.

We want to make you be able to use your newly learned vocabulary in the fixed combinations, be able to understand idioms, colloquialism, two-part allegorical sayings and respond correctly to the themes the Chinese people are talking about.

I, as a Chinese teacher for over 10 years, together with my friends who have worked in the same branch of Chinese teaching and translation for many years, besides our full-time job, decide to take our spare time to present this channel for you.

When you are now in the very level that you feel you are heading nowhere in Chinese-learning, it will be definitely a good choice to stay by us and learn with us.

If you have any questions, you can leave it in the comments downward in Chinese, English or German. we will try our best to answer your questions as soon as possible.

And as our channel’s ultimate goal, we hope you will Rolling your Mandarin, make your Putonghua better and better. So, let’s rolling!